1-2 days within organisations and designed with follow-up; outstanding feedback from these workshops in Vancouver, Australia and New Zealand.


New Workshop featuring Eileen and three acclaimed facilitators

An engaging, interactive, one day workshop. The focus is on creating deep level leadership interactions which lead to organisations where bullying, defensiveness, low morale and low performance are addressed. 


Avoiding the ‘Bullying Leader’ Label by Creating Higher Trust Relationships


A workshop to enhance the ability and effectiveness of middle and senior leaders to meet complex and demanding organisational needs yet maintain relational trust.


The first offering of this workshop has led to numerous invitations for extended workshops in the public sector. Please inquire if you would like a personalised workshop for your organisation or WATCH THIS SPACE FOR THE LATEST OFFERING OF A PUBLIC WORKSHOP.  


Facilitators (all organisational consultants and scholars)


Prof Eileen Piggot-Irvine (www.epi.nz), recently returned from 5 years heading one of the largest leadership postgraduate programmes in North America. Leadership consultant across all sectors. Author of six books, 70+ research articles (including the topic of bullying), 22 keynote addresses, 8 books.  



Kelly McCallum (British Columbia Sports Hall of Fame, emotional intelligence expert)

Hilary Quosai (18+ years of Executive leadership in Canada; bullying and ‘dark’ leadership expert)


Workshop Outline:

Leader bullying is widely discussed but little emphasis has been placed on the way that leaders in high demand environments can avoid such damaging behaviour.


This practical, yet theory-rich, workshop is designed to enable participants to experience personal practical application of analysis and skill development. Recently published articles on creating high trust, low bullying, relationships within organisations will be drawn upon strongly to inform practice.

What Participants Will Gain from Attending:

  • An understanding of what high trust, integrity, leadership involves;

  • Recognition of low integrity, bullying, strategies via real scenarios;

  • Appreciation of what the research on bullying, and overcoming it, shows;

  • Analysis of own skill level;

  • Implementation of new skills; and    

  • Clarity about creating organisational openness and authentic collaboration to reduce bullying.

Bullying Workshop Feedback (anonymously collected; independently collated)

“Amazingly timely information - I will now be able to change my approach dealing with an issue next week. I will be referencing Piggot-Irvine’s work.” 

“Definitely skills-based learning – grounded in evidence.” 

“This was a highly engaging and interactive session that has truly made me think of my leadership in the workplace “

“Warm and authentic presentation.  Love the micro level information.  Phenomenal!” 

“Best session I’ve attended! The level of expertise and ability to have time for practice all within the timeline!  A+++”

Contact Eileen (Eileen@epi.nz) for more information.

Creating Authentic Collaboration

In today's leadership context, as leaders many of us are increasingly striving to create approaches which are democratic, inclusive
and participatory whilst still holding firmly to rigour and objectivity. In my own practice I have tried to place great emphasis on the 
relational aspects of leadership when working with diverse groups. In such contexts, of prime importance are issues of: equitable 
power relationships; knowledge sharing; synthesising of ideas; group solution generation; and high ownership of sustainable 
outcomes. The workshop will draw upon my recent work and publication that shows how the previously listed ideals can be realised 
through authentic collaboration and dialogue. A model of progressively deepening levels of collaboration will be quickly described 
with particular illustration of how the most advanced/deepest levels can be achieved.  

The emphasis in this workshop will be on engaging participants in developing skills of authentic collaboration by first determining 
whether any gaps exist between their ‘espousals' (intentions, goals in authentic collaboration skills) and their practice i.e. 
‘theory-in-use’ (implementation). This will be followed by opportunity to practise skills for authentic collaboration with other 
participants. Theoretical underpinnings will be introduced incrementally through the experiential sections of the workshop. 


Benefits to you from attending the authentic collaboration workshop:

  • Identifying inauthentic and authentic collaboration strategies;  

  • Learning new skills for authentic collaboration at individual, team and organisational levels

Designing Performance Review which Balances Accountability and Development

As an author of two books on performance review, over 10 articles on the topic, and contracted reviewer of 114 senior leader appraisals I offer a workshop that enables you to design a performance review process with personal and organisational impact.

Contact me for more detail.  

Course feedback (anonymously collected; independently collated)

Amazingly timely information - I will now be able to change my approach dealing with an issue next week. I will be referencing Piggot-Irvine’s work. 

Definitely skills-based learning – grounded in evidence. 

This was a highly engaging and interactive session that has truly made me think of my leadership in the workplace and as a mother. 

Leaders bullying is quite prevalent so very relevant topic!

Excellent presentation – you continue to inspire me and remind me to look in the mirror. 

Excellent session, could have listened for a longer duration!!  

Great session for learning. Has me hungry for more! 

Warm and authentic presentation.  Love the micro level information.  Phenomenal! 

We loved Eileen for so many reasons – but most of all for her authentic, compassionate approach. 

Excellent opportunity for self-reflection and improvement. 

I was seeking some inspiration for my leadership journey – felt stuck – thank you for the inspiration and kick start!!

Best session I’ve attended! The level of expertise and ability to have time for practice all within the timeline! 

A+++ Eileen!!

Thank you for challenging me to re-think processes and affirming for me my passion for values based leadership.  Excellent delivery. 

This workshop truly embeds a crucial, pivotal component of organisations dialogic opportunities.  This provides the glue in my humble opinion.  Thank you.

Eileen exceeded my expectations!  She helped me learn about myself, and also connect other theories and experiences, and be inquisitive from different perspective and at different levels. 


I had just read your recent article ‘Leader Bullying through a Different Lens’ and I thought it was fabulous. Kudos to you for discussing a topic that is still taboo in many organisations, and your use of case studies also helped me understand how this can be done in an organisation.  Like you, I see a rise in leader bullying.  Really enjoyed the article, Eileen - thanks! Maria Anderson (IT Leader)


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