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One-to-One and Team Leadership Coaching

Contact me now to find out more about this confidential, one-to-one approach.


021 570 441

You will be engaged in an approach to leadership coaching which has distinctive features drawing upon both coaching and leadership supervision. My emphasis is not just on use of the good confidential coaching skills which are well-known but also a strong, planned, developmental cycle designed to create learning and improvement results for you as an individual and your organisation.   

Benefits for you:


  • Individual and organisational stretching for excellence;

  • Leadership learning and development with a safe and trusting coach; and

  • Focused, individualised learning with powerful results.


See my latest article: 

Leadership supervision, mentoring, or coaching – there is no one right way!


Leadership Coaching, Mentoring, Counselling or Supervision? One Way is Not Enough. Cambridge Scholars Publishing. 

Hourly rate (sessions are usually one hour): $170 plus GST and travel if applicable.

Anonymous feedback from coaching work with leaders:

Thank you for sharing so much, so open. I feel comfortable being honest with you. Stretching my comfort zone. 

Offered me passion in what is really important to me. 

Blessed to have your mentorship and role modelling.

Exceptional. Brilliance, both emotional and intellectual.

Patience, kindness, calm, wisdom, authenticity, inspiration, challenge. 

Warmth. Enthusiasm.

Provided clear and meaningful feedback.

I loved the push toward excellence.

Eileen was very approachable and knowledgeable. She encouraged me to stretch my thinking

and she provided concrete feedback to help me think more intentionally and deeper. She is a

very positive person and I really appreciated that.

Supportive, extremely knowledgeable, and a fantastic sense of humour (anonymously collected feedback in one public sector organisation Eileen worked with over seven years).



Eileen, thank you so much and for all of your support. You are AMAZING and I feel so lucky to have had you as a supervisor! (Josh Mitchell, Tertiary Education Leader)

You were a tiny GIANT to me the day I met you and my impression of you has only grown in stature and with total admiration. The bonus for me was watching you “role model” the type of leader I want to be. As you know, actions speak louder than words, so you were a profound influence on what I personally gained from the program. These are not idle words. (Marg Soden, Leadership Consultant)


I am so overwhelmed with emotion when I think about your dedication, support, and brilliance in helping me. It was only possible because of your commitment that ‘nobody gets left behind’. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for leadership. (Monica Lawless, Supervisee, Health)


I gained a tremendous sense of capability and belief in my own leadership. Eileen cheered me onward the entire time. I thank this caring soul who believes in the goodness and potential of others, who reaches out with curiosity and empathy? I struggle to find the words to encapsulate my gratitude to Eileen. I am deeply thankful to her openness, generosity of spirit, and sincere care of me. (Yiely Ho)


Your role modelling started when you walked into the room on day one and had such a strong and happy presence. Then, you were ever so clear about expectations and it being a two way street, I thought “wow, give clear directions, set high standards, and me decide what I want to do with all that”. Then you were just so upbeat. You were a WOW to me. But the capper of your role modelling leadership is that when you said “no person left behind” you really meant it and followed through. Thank you for being the wonderful inspiration that you have been to me. Marg Soden (Supervisee, Leadership consultant)


You truly are inspirational! Thank you for your support, guidance and compassion.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for seeing me and believing in me and my potential. Cathy Sturgeon (IT sector leader)

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