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I offer a portfolio which demonstrates commitment to a balance between community, organisational, and individual support. I have recently returned from an exciting contract heading up one of the largest leadership postgraduate programmes in Canada. This experience, alongside varied other international work, has deepened my commitment to humbly sharing my learning and skills through workshops, leadership coaching, and celebrancy

TWO New Books HOT OFF the PRESS ... Leadership Coaching, Mentoring, Counselling or Supervision? One Way is Not Enough. Extract from reviewer: 

It is inspirational! It takes all of the developmental elements of the support role and integrates them beautifully.  

This book represents an invaluable step forward for anyone wanting to increase leader effectiveness through one-to-one support as it makes the case for the pressing need for this type of development.

Email me ( to get a hard copy or go to Cambridge Scholars Publishing ( 

Evaluative Study of Action Research. Comprehensive reporting of this international study of the process and impacts of AR.


New Bullying Workshop  ... Excellent feedback for this recent workshop. Our legal expert made the following critical comment: "If leaders learnt the skills you are presenting today, the lawyers wouldn't be needed". See 'Workshops' for more detail. 


See my recent articles on bullying: 

A lightweight quick read ... 

Deeper read ... 

Go to the 'Leadership Coaching' tab for my latest article ... Leadership supervision, mentoring, or coaching – there is no one right way!

Find out more about me. 

For workshops I offer over 20 years of highly successful experience in consultancy, facilitation, and leadership development work with an extensive range of organisations including all levels of education sector, business associations, chambers of commerce, government ministries, local government, health, accountancy firms, community and volunteer organisations, dairy companies, local government, IT organisations, police, etc. Workshops are designed with follow-up to ensure sustained improvement.

As a funeral celebrant I am committed to supporting individuals and community. The deep connections that I forge in this sensitive work will ensure that the ceremony has MEANING FOR YOU.


Again, check the testimonials to see what my clients say.  

In this work I enable you to draw upon my expertise and publications as a national and international award winning specialist with an applied, practical, improvement oriented approach. Rather than blowing my own trumpet, please read the feedback and testimonials confirming the PRACTICAL yet deeply informed development approach I adopt: development that is not a quick fix but is designed to create significant improvement whether at individual, team or organisation level.


Leadership Coaching


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